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rachael dana robinson

bio - grew up in san diego attending low-budget private christian schools throughout the county. lived in arkansas for a few months after dropping out of christian college then returned to san diego. she spent several years of hard work to establish a successful career in computer repair, a healthy relationship and family.

art - painting, crocheting, photoshopping, sketching, etc. have always been a priority. she often walks the san diego shore collecting rocks and sea shells to paint and sell at local shops. her preferred mediums are canvas alternatives - recycled cardboard, wood and found sea stones.

comedy - first comedy open mic was at brick by brick in 2009. nearly every night was spent at stages around town and when not on stage was waitressing at the mad house comedy club and comedy palace. the nature of a comedy career is overly time-consuming and after several years on the comedy scene she has taken a  break from the lifestyle to dedicate more time to family.

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